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Bachelor and
Bachelorette Parties

We’ll help you plan your night on the town with your best friends to celebrate your BIG DAY!

Corporate Outings

Employee engagement and team building are not just buzz-words, it’s how you build a resilient staff. Let us help you plan an outing.

Birthday and
Private Parties

Grab your friends and family for a fun-filled time pedaling around downtown Mobile on the area’s best party bike.

Coffee Shop Tour

Get your buzz on, your CAFFEINE buzz! This tour for 16 and up visits all the great coffee shops in downtown Mobile.

1. Don’t show up drunk.
2. Complete the e-waiver prior to your tour date.
3. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time.
4. Bring money to purchase drinks from bars and breweries and for tipping.
5. Feel free to bring your own water and/or snacks.
6. Bring a fully-charged phone (for pictures, Uber, etc.).
7. Sampling all the beers our brewery friends have to offer is fun, but not great use of our tour time. Arrive with a plan, or defer to the taproom experts!
8. Drink responsibly and be respectful.
9. Do not litter.
10. Always listen to your Driver.